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A Multi-day Footrace Adventure

June 17-23, 2018

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This trail is permanent fun from mile 1 – never a dull moment – lots of enticing variety – like a multi-plate gourmet meal.”

The community aspect each night and morning in camp is a charming and meaningful part of the event.”

“I went from loving the majestic beauty to cursing the challenges it was throwing at me.  I went from trying to justify dropping out to tears of joy at knowing that I was going to finish.”

“I have to say the desert has grown on me, I miss it, even with cold water on tap here … This experience has altered life as I know it forever!

Unique beauty, amazing wildlife and profound solitude – all the elements of true adventure – reward racers willing to brave the strenuous Desert RATS journey. Vast landscape and ancient obstacles combine to create the rugged and stunning beauty of the Kokopelli Trail. Desert RATS is more than just a race. It is not only a journey through true backcountry desert but within yourself.  While some will race, most are there to test their mental and physical limits. Don’t expect to set personal records for the distance you’ll cover, you will need to pace yourself for the heat and terrain. You must have patience and grit in order to not be fighting your own frustration. The race is about the experience, pushing yourself and making friends along the way.

At Desert RATS, the adventure is the goal. It’s about reaching deep within yourself, adapting to adversity and overcoming the challenges in front of you. Those who enjoy Desert RATS the most come into the experience prepared and willing to be flexible in every way.

The racers who truly enjoy the event and gain from the experience are those who appreciate the beauty of the land, the camaraderie of other adventurers and the thrill of relaxing in the Colorado River at the end of the day. This adventure is not for everyone. It’s not an expedition to survive or a race to win, it’s an experience to live.

While every racer’s week is different, the common experience is the grand scale of the event. The heat is extreme, the beauty is vast and the friendships run deep. Our hope is that as you travel this incredible landscape you will discover a piece of yourself.

After a challenging day on the trails, racers sit down to a hot meal and share stories around a campfire. The course is a carefully laid out, truly authentic, wilderness experience.  Bathe in the Colorado river, sleep in tents and run across the amazing desert landscape while dining on delicious meals and mingling with friends that will last a lifetime.

Now in our 14th year we are the longest running stage race in North America. We have a full medical staff of doctors specializing in expedition medicine and experienced base camp and aid station crews that can’t be matched. We designed the toughest race possible then put together the infrastructure and a caring professional crew to get you safely to the finish line.

Racers will run from Grand Junction, Colorado to the world famous Moab, Utah along the beautiful 148-mile Kokopelli trail. Distances will range from day to day between 9 and 42 miles. This is a grueling event that will challenge the most seasoned athletes yet it is designed so that less experienced ultrarunners can train for and successfully complete the course.   The entire length of the trail is stunningly beautiful with jagged canyons and breathtaking vistas.

Racers will rendezvous in Moab, UT on Sunday, to receive their Expedition Journals with detailed course maps and final race instructions. Early on Monday, runners will be transported to the start line near Grand Junction and head off for the first of six days. Each day runners will be greeted at the finish line and directed to the tent city where they can mingle, access their gear, enjoy a hot meal provided by Gemini Adventures and rest up for the next day. Each morning runners will rise for a light breakfast, also provided by Gemini Adventures, and an early morning start of the next stage from the site of the tent city.

Each night the camp buzzes with excitement as the day’s results and overall standings are posted and the nightly meeting is held to make announcements.

Runners finishing the entire 148-mile course will arrive in Moab, UT with the satisfaction of having completed the ultimate adventure running race. That night all runners completing the entire course within the established rules will be presented with a finisher’s award at a memorable post-race party open for all runners and their families.


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What is Desert RATS?

Desert RATS is a six day, supported foot race that covers a distance of approximately 143 miles. Each participant must carry his/her own pack containing snack food, water, safety equipment and other essential material (see gear requirements).

What does Gemini Events provide?

Gemini Events will provide tents and meals for racers. In the morning, breakfast will be provided prior to race start. Racers will make their own sandwiches the night before each stage and will be available at a designated aid station on the course. Sleeping and overnight supplies will be transported to the finish line/Base Camp for the racers. Each racer is limited to one 3000 cu. in. bag. Racers may bring their own tent but are then responsible for set-up and break-down.

Pre-Race Registration and Gear Check

Pre-Race packet pickup and gear check will be Sunday, June 18th from 4-6pm at The Gonzo Inn in Moab UT. The Gonzo is located at 100 West 200 South Street Moab, UT 84532, they can reached by phone at (435)259-2515. You will need to bring all of your required gear. Racers will also need two passport size photos with entrant’s name on the back, one will be affixed to the Expedition Journal and another will stay with the racer’s emergency information.

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting

All racers must attend a pre-race meeting at The Gonzo Inn on Sunday, June 19th at 7:30pm. At this meeting runners will receive necessary information that they will need for the week. We will also introduce the staff and there will be an opportunity for racers to ask questions.

Parking will be offsite from the Gonzo Inn. You will have a place within walking distance to leave your car for the race week, parking passes will be handed out in Moab at registration. Please do not leave cars at the Inn.
There will also be minimal parking available at each base camp for your family/support crew.

The host hotel is the Gonzo Inn and it is suggested you reserve rooms here for Sunday night as well as Saturday the 20th. However, there are many options very close by. This will be easier for you to attend the pre-race meeting/gear check, and to celebrate post race.
Daily outdoor camping will be available at pre-selected sites. Gemini Events will provide tents (6-8 persons per tent). Participants may bring their own tent but are then responsible for putting it up themselves.


First place male and first place female will receive champion awards. 2nd – 5th place male and female awards will also be given. All non-placing finishers finishing the entire course within the cut-off times will receive a finisher’s award. All racer’s finishing with a total of less than 30 hours will receive a sub 30 hour finisher’s award.

Gear checks

Mandatory gear must be carried at all times while out on the course and will be checked at aid stations. Racers must be able to present gear upon request or will be penalized (see required gear).

Bib numbers

During check-in, Gemini Events will provide each participant with a race number. This must be worn in plain view by race staff. Each participant is obligated to ensure that his/her race numbers are clear, visible, in good condition and in the proper place.

Starting Order

All participants will start together on the first stage. Stages 2-5 will have staggered starts according to rankings. The back half of the field will begin a half hour before the front half and the times will be adjusted at the finish line. This is to minimize the wait time at the finish line. If, on the last stage, there is a close race between the first and second place, we will do a “rabbit” start ensuring the first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the entire race.

Cut-off times

There will be cut-offs at some aid station as well as the daily finish lines. Each leg must be completed in the time allowed.These cut-off times are lenient and designed to ensure the safety of runners.

Times will be adjusted if start times change.


Finish Line- 5:30 pm


Westwater AS- 1:45 pm

Cottonwood Wash AS- 3:30 pm

Finish Line- 8:00 pm

Wednesday: N/A


Onion Creek AS- 3:30 pm

Gateway AS- 9:00 pm

Finish Line- Midnight


La Sal AS- 11:00 am

Porcupine Rim #1 AS- 1:00 pm

Porcupine Rim #2 AS- 2:30 pm

Finish Line- 4:00 pm

Dropping out/missed cut-offs

In the event a competitor drops out of the race or misses a cut-off: It is imperative that he/she advise a Gemini Events official and returns their race numbers to an official of the race. Racer safety is our #1 priority- please don’t make us use valuable resources searching for a racer that is not lost.

Several options are available to participants who withdraw from the race.

A participant who is in adequate physical condition but withdraws from official standing may elect to:

1. Be driven to Moab (subject to viability) with lodging and meals being at his/her own expense.

2. Be driven by Gemini Events every morning from the start of that day’s start point to the finish point of that day.

3. Racers may also continue along subsequent stages after dropping out of a stage. They will continue unofficially and their times will not be recorded.

Competitors who drop out and stay on the course must continue to follow the race/camp rules. No refunds of unused days is made.

Expedition Stage

The 43 mile stage is the only stage where night travel is permitted and requires racers to carry glow sticks.

Aid Stations/Check Points

These are located throughout the course of each stage of the race. There are up to five aid stations per stage determined by the length of the stage. The participants must allow the race officials to record their time and agree to a gear/medical check.

Daily timing

The daily stage rankings are done by adding the time used to run that stage of the race plus penalties, if applicable. General ranking is done by adding times for each stage of the race.

Water Supply

Gemini Events will supply racers with unlimited water for drinking purposes only. Water will be available at the start of the stage each morning, at aid stations and water drops. Each racer must supply his/her own drinking containers. Cups will not be supplied at aid stations. Each night’s camping area (except for the first night) will have opportunities for rinsing off in a river.


Daily outdoor camping will be at pre-selected sites. Gemini Events provide tents (6-8 people per tent). Participants may bring their own tents and they will be transported to the camp area. However, racers that decide to bring their own tents are then responsible for set up and break down of personal tents.

Medical Assistance

A crew of medical doctors specializing in expedition medicine and heat related illnesses will be in attendance throughout the race and will use assistance vehicles throughout the course. Medical personnel will be available each day and will ensure that any participants who are suffering from physical ailments are brought back to the base camp. The medical team is allowed to remove race numbers and to scratch from the race any participant whom they feel physically unfit to continue the race at any time.

Ground Assistance

Gemini Events must remind all participants that the Desert RATS is a race through the desert where climatic and ground conditions can be extreme.

Crewing is permitted in designated areas only. Designated areas are defined as start lines, aid stations and finish lines. Camping and meal plan for crew members will be available on a first come first serve basis for a fee. It is the responsibility of the racer to make reservations for their crew along with their entry form. Some crewing expenses could be waived in exchange for volunteering on behalf of the race (contact race management for details). Crews are not allowed to remove racers from the race course or camping area. If a participant is supplied by persons at unauthorized areas during the race, he/she will be heavily penalized. Crews are also subject to all race regulations and all local, state and federal land management rules and regulations.

Weather and Terrain Conditions

Temperatures in June

Daytime: 95 F

Record high: 113 F

Night: 58 F

Record low: 37 F

The 143 mile (approx) course encounters a wide variety of terrain (sand, rocky desert, stony ground etc). In case of sand storms lowering visibility to zero, the racers must stop in their tracks and wait for instructions by the organizers.

Gemini Adventures reserves the right to modify the course and the length of the various stages as a result of unfavorable weather conditions or regulations in certain areas.


The participants of the Desert RATS must follow the course as marked by Bureau of Land Management. Stage #1 will have additional markings at difficult to read turns. There are several natural landmarks which will also serve as additional points of reference. GPS/phone app is allowed and recommended.

Expedition Journal

An Expedition Journal will be supplied to each competitor upon check in. You will need to provide 2 passport size photos at racer check-in and one will go into the Journal. The photos do not need to be official passport photos, they are for safety purposes. This book will reveal the exact course and will include maps, course description, crew information and various points of interest along the course. This book must be carried with you at all times and must be presented at each aid station. A lost Expedition Journal will result in a 1 hour time penalty. Each evening a briefing will be given relating to the next day’s stage by the organizers.

Mandatory Equipment for Participants

Each competitor must in all circumstances carry of a minimum of 1000 calories and 80 oz. of liquid per day i.e. enter each aid station with 1000 calories and leave each aid station with 80 oz. of water, otherwise he/she will be penalized 1 hour. We strongly suggest that each racer have the capability to carry 140 oz. of liquid. All racers must in all circumstances carry:

· One lightweight survival blanket

· Salt tablets/e-caps

· 2 luminous signal sticks (expedition stage only)

· Compass

· Whistle

· Emergency mirror

· Small flashlight with spare batteries

· Knife with folding blade

· Disinfectant ointment (ointment or spray can)

· D cell Emergency strobe light or other emergency style strobe- visible up to two miles (if you have questions whether a certain light is considered “emergency” please contact the administration for verification) LED lights with a strobe affect are not considered emegency lights. Each participant must present all required gear at Check-in and at each aid station throughout the race.

Nightly Supplies – These supplies are required but do not need to be carried each day. These items along with your other personal belongings (fitting into one 3000 cu in. bag, sleeping bag included) will be transported forward by Gemini Events for each racer.

· Sleeping Bag

· Sleeping Pad, Warm Clothing

· Eating Utensils (i.e. plates, spoon, fork, cup etc.)


Check-in/Gear check:

If a racer cannot show mandatory gear, he/she will be penalized 1 hour in addition to the time it takes to gain possession of these materials. If this penalty puts the racer over the allotted time he/she will be eliminated from that stage and the official standings. If the materials can not be obtained the racers will be eliminated from the race.

Medical File: Gemini Events will not have medical personnel on hand to provide medical examinations at check-in.

Food: When spot checks are made, any competitor unable to present the minimum 1000 calories per day during the race will receive a 2 hour penalty.

Start of the race: Timing for each stage begins with an official start time regardless of racers getting to the start line late.  If for any reason a participant is late to the start, he/she will be on the running clock.

Cut-off times: Exceeding the maximum allowed time for a daily stage will result in elimination from the race (see dropping out and appeals process)

Expedition Stage (approximately 43 mile stage): During this stage, when night time traveling is permitted, any use of distress signals without valid reason will be subject to a one hour penalty.

Leaving the trail: Under no circumstances are racers permitted to leave the trail. While penalties are not given for getting lost, a one hour penalty will be given for the first time a racer leaves a trail. If the racer leaves the trail again, they will be removed from the course and eliminated from the race.

Drugs: Any use of illicit drugs by a participant noted by the medical team will result in the elimination of that person from the race.

Ground Assistance: The use of any transportation will result in elimination from the race.

Any trash found on the course will result in elimination from the race.


Every night there will be a staff meeting. Any race decision can be appealed and must be presented to the staff before the nightly meeting in order to be discussed that night. Upon discussion a decision will be made shortly thereafter. Appeals regarding missed cut-offs must be made before the nightly meeting in order to gain access to the following day’s stage.


**The Desert RATS course saw some improvements in 2015! Click the link for a letter from the Race Director, Reid, explaining what to expect. **Update for Desert RATS 2015


This is a general description of the course. Exact details will be given at the beginning of the race. Each racer will be given an Expedition Journal with a course description and daily requirements. This Expedition Journal must be carried with the racers at all times and be presented at all aid stations. All mileage on this page is approximate but will be updated for exact distances at the time of the race. We have included links to Strava for each stage to illustrate approximate mileage and distance. These were recorded by the overall men’s champion and individual times will vary – considerably!


Day 1: (20 miles) From Loma to Rabbit Valley this section is truly one of the most beautiful sections of the entire course. Amazing canyons and overlooks make this section a great way to start the race. Aid stations will be at approximately 6 miles and 13 miles into the section.

Salt Creek Stage Strava Link


Day 2: (39 miles) From Rabbit Valley to Fish Ford you will get your first taste of how remote this trail could make you feel. A climb to the top of the mesa will add a nice steep half mile challenge in the middle of the day. Five aid stations and one water drop will be available, the first aid station is the Rabbit Valley Aid Station (5 miles) with the second being at the top of the climb – Mesa Aid Station (13.1 miles) . The third is as you hit the Westwater pavement  (17.5 miles) and the water drop is after the pavement ends four miles later. The Cottonwood Wash Aid Station (28.2 miles) is just as the road begins the long gradual descent toward Cisco Boat Landing. Finally, the Pump House Aid Station (34 miles) will give you a break before you hit the last four miles to camp.

Milt’s Stage Strava Link


Day 3: (9 miles) No aid stations will be available on the section between Fish Ford and Highway 128. As you enter the trail you will travel through remote rolling cow pastures and over slickrock, until you finally make the climb away from the river. Although there are many twists and turns, the footing is good and will make it a short, fast day and allow more time to anticipate the Expedition Stage to follow.

Sprint Stage Strava Link


Days 4 and 5: (43 miles) This stage is what this race is all about. The day starts with a steep five mile climb away from the Colorado River. The Canyon aid station will be a welcome site after a five mile rolling climb. This aid station is the kick off point for the most remote section you will experience.  After the second aid station, the trail widens and will be pleasant as the temperatures cool. A fast downhill paved section is the reward for all the climbing earlier. This is the only stage where racers will be allowed to travel in the dark therefore racers will have more required gear during this stage. Front runners will need to push the pace during this section because such a long stage could make or break a racers time. For those looking to just survive, the cut-off times will be lenient. Aid will be at Canyon (5.1), Onion Creek (17.8), a water drop (29.8) and Gateway (34).

Expedition Stage Strava Link


Day 6: (26.2 miles) A wonderful finish to such a challenging race is a full marathon finishing at the Slickrock parking lot in Moab. A staggered start will allow all the front and back of the pack to share the trails together for an exciting finish. Starting with the steep climb on pavement this section will allow beautiful views of the La Sal mountains and Fisher Valley to the east. A gradual downhill on jeep road brings you to the Slickrock trail parking lot and the finish line. The aid is at the La Sal aid station (5.9), water drop (9.3), Porcupine Rim #1 (14.5) and Porcupine #2 (19.5).

Marathon Stage Strava Link

Course Maps:

Stage 1


Stage 2, Map 1


Stage 2, Map 2


Stage 3


Stage 4, Map 1


Stage 4, Map 2


Stage 5






4:00pm-6:00pm registration/gear check at The Gonzo Inn in Moab UT

7:30pm pre-race meeting at the The Gonzo Inn

Mon.: (breakfast will be on your own)

7:30 meet in front of The Gonzo Inn

8:00am bus departs for start line (gear must be separated and you must be ready to run)

10:00am RACE START!!!! (water and toilets will be available)

5:00pm cut-off

5:30pm dinner

7:30pm evening announcements


6:00am breakfast

7:30am #1 start of stage 2

8:00am #2 start of stage 2

1:45pm Westwater cut-off

3:30pm Cottonwood Wash cut-off

7:30pm dinner

8:00pm cut-off

8:30 evening announcements


6:30am breakfast

8:00am #1 start of stage 3

8:30am #2 start of stage 3

12:00pm cut-off/lunch

5:00pm dinner

7:00 evening announcements


6:00am breakfast

7:00am #1 start of stage 4

8:00am #2 start of stage 4

3:30pm Onion Creek cut-off

6:00pm hot food available at Base Camp

9:00pm Gateway cut-off

Midnight Stage 4 cut-off


morning snacks available

11:00pm brunch

1:30pm optional beach/hike/activities

6:00pm dinner

7:00pm announcements


6:30am breakfast

8:00am #1 start of stage 5

8:30am #2 start of stage 5

11:00am La Sal cut-off

1:00pm Porcupine Rim #1 cut-off

2:30pm Porcupine Rim #2 cut-off

4:00pm Final cut-off

7:00pm post race awards at Eddie McStiff’s


We are now requiring approval to participate in the Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 stage race.

Registration checklist:
1. Submit qualifying standards via email
2. Receive approval
3. Register
4. Get physical exam (within 30 days of event)
5. Racer check-in/pre-race meeting at the event

2017 Racer Manual

Physical exam Form 1

Physical exam Form 2


Entry fee:

Early (until January 1st)-$1650

Standard (until April 1)-$1800

Late (until June 1)-$2100


Cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Cancellation refunds will be made on the following basis.

·Cancellations prior to January 1 qualify for a refund of 50%.

·Cancellations between January 1 and April 1 qualify for a refund of 30%.

·Cancellations on or after April 1 do not qualify for refunds.

Registration Documentation

To register for the Desert RATS the applicant must submit the following documents:

· Completed registration forms

· Personal information form (This will be emailed to you after your registration has been accepted)

· A medical certificate to be completed by entrant’s physician (to be dated not more than 28 days prior to the race and brought to check-in)

· 2 passport size photos with entrant’s name on the back (to be brought to registration)

Desert RATS Merchandise

We will have shirts and hats to purchase at check-in and throughout the event. Let us know if you would like to purchase a strobe from us and we could have it waiting for you at check-in.

Registration Details

Registration fee includes:

· Racer’s shirt

· Transportation from Moab to race start

· General ground assistance (tents, food and water at each stage)

· Food and water for the duration of the race

· Technical support

· Medical assistance

· Desert RATS finisher’s memento

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Course Records

Stage 1:  Suzanna Bon (2011) 3:33, Shaun Martin (2010) 2:34

Stage 2: Ashley Arnold (2013) 7:09, Allen Belshaw (2008) 5:08

Stage 3: Ashley Arnold (2013) 1:15  Sean Meissner (2010) 1:09

Stage 4: Becky Kirschenmann (2015) 8:09  Ryan Guldan (8:09)

*Becky Kirschenmann (2014) 10:11  *Shaun Martin (2009) 8:40

Stage 5: Becky Kirschenmann (2015) 3:55  Scott Jamie (2008) 3:23

Overall: Becky Kirschenmann (2015) 22:55  Ryan Guldan (2015) 21:39

*Suzanna Bon (2011) 25:45  *Shaun Martin (2009) 21:27

*Old Course

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